Our Favorite Ideas for Kitchen Cabinet Drawer Organization

You could lose yourself for a few hours watching “how to organize your home” videos. They can be quite hypnotic and calming, especially those where someone like Marie Kondo shows you how to fold a shirt or a fitted sheet. There’s nothing quite like having a calm, organized house. Naturally, our focus is on the kitchen, especially cabinet drawer organization ideas.

Speaking of Marie Kondo, her KonMari Method is built around the minimalist idea that if an object doesn’t “spark joy” within you, then you should release it into the world. If it’s broken, either fix it or trash it. If it’s fine but you just no longer love it, then you should sell it or donate it.

Overall, the method makes sense. But if you have a ton of utensils and stuff, you could spend days just holding items one-by-one and asking yourself if a spatula, wooden spoon or that coffee mug you got on a trip to Hoboken in the ‘90s makes you joyful enough to hang onto it.

So, once you’ve pared down and decluttered your kitchen cabinet drawers — keeping only the joyful items — how do you organize them? To help you get that well-organized kitchen feeling, we’ve gathered together a few ideas.

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Are navy blue kitchen cabinets in style? Yes, if paired with white.

The amount of natural and artificial lighting you have will play a part as well. When incorporating darker cabinet colors, be sure to choose backsplashes, countertops and walls in lighter or neutral colors for balance. Lighter colors will influence how dark a navy kitchen would feel.

If choosing a darker cabinet color seems like too much of a commitment, try highlighting a single piece such as an island or pantry wall cabinet.

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5 Ways to Strike Happy Compromises in Your Kitchen Remodel Budget

1. How You Use Your Kitchen

Think realistically about how you currently use your kitchen. Is your existing layout efficient or large enough to suit your needs? If you cook or bake often, consider setting aside more funds toward upgrading your range or cooktop. Do you have room for that large island you always wanted? Could you give up room for a table by adding extra seating to an island instead? Target your maximum capacity and plan your design around that.

The key takeaway here is to prioritize your kitchen remodel wish list according to your style, and to set specific (i.e., realistic) budget goals. Another important consideration is whether or not you’ll be staying put or selling soon.

Decide whether splurging for top-shelf luxury items is worth it, or if it’s best for you to save your money. Ask yourself some deep questions: Will high-end choices make your life easier or simply exist to impress your guests? Will an item solve a problem? Will a luxury feature increase your home’s value? If you enjoy hand-washing pots and pans while gazing out your kitchen window and watching the birds at your feeder, go for a cheaper dishwasher. Go for a top-of-the-line dishwasher if scrubbing dishes is a chore you loathe and think birds are, well, for the birds.

If more storage solutions and a bigger variety of quality cabinets tops your list, shift your budget toward that and away from high-end appliances or countertops.

3. Aesthetics vs. Functionality

This one really comes down to personal choice. Aesthetics are the awe-inspiring finishes and customized details that give your kitchen that proverbial “wow factor.” Your lifestyle factors into this as well, and on what matters most to you — the functionality or the high-end decor.

Also, consider much of what we’ve already mentioned when choosing between aesthetics or functionality. An island with a second sink might be important to you, so allocate more of your budget toward plumbing and renovation to make that happen. When the granite countertops you wished for just aren’t in the budget, install laminate instead. If you’re in your forever home, you can get those granite countertops later when finances allow it.

Take a brutally honest look at your finances. This isn’t so much a compromise situation as it is a reality check. Almost all homeowners have a vision of the perfect kitchen with an ideal layout and room for everything they need. You may dream of that commercial-grade range, flat-top grill, massive exhaust hood, Titanic-sized double-sink island and beverage cooler. But if you don’t have the space or the budget, it just won’t become a reality. 

A kitchen remodel is a process that nearly always requires compromises. It’s a balancing act between designing the perfect dream kitchen and creating one that fits within your budget.

Delays and unexpected roadblocks can crop up anytime, so you may have to deal with remodeling a section at a time. Can you tolerate an extended construction period to wait for the items you want? If not, you may have to settle for alternatives to get the job done sooner. 

Your cabinets just arrived and are ready to install, but the custom ceramic and glass backsplash tiles you wanted won’t be available for another month or two. Do you forgo the backsplash for now or switch to an alternative you don’t like as much? If you’re planning to stay in your home for a while, it makes sense to wait to do the backsplash later. No big deal, you’ve budgeted for it.

A kitchen remodel project, and setting up the budget as well, can seem daunting. You’re spending a big chunk of money to alter the heart of your home. But with proper planning up front, honest discussions, compromises and realistic expectations, a successful kitchen remodel is within your reach.

It helps to have a team of professionals on your side. That’s why the CliqStudios Design Team is a valuable asset. Providing free design services is part of our goal to make kitchen remodels easier for you. We believe everyone should have the best layout possible in their new space. We also believe your time is valuable, so our designers help you plan your project on your time, from anywhere. Through email, phone calls and screen sharing our designers make dream kitchens a reality.

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