3 Essential Steps Before Demolishing Your Kitchen

You will also need to consider product arrival times for your kitchen. It’s best to wait until all of your kitchen materials arrive before beginning your kitchen demolition. Know when you can expect everything to arrive, from appliances to cabinetry. CliqStudios’ cabinetry takes four to six weeks to build and arrive at your doorstep.

Lastly, you will want to get familiar with your space and how you want to change it. Measuring your space and ordering cabinet samples are critical to creating your full vision. Another key asset is speaking with a professional designer to help you envision your finished project.

2. Preparing for Life Without a Kitchen

Is your timeline ready? Don’t start swinging the hammer just yet.

Once you have all of your products and you’ve confirmed that everything is in good condition, you’ll want to establish your temporary kitchen. This will be your center for preparing meals and storing kitchen supplies until your remodel is done. It’s important you have this space ready to go before the demo because once you begin, there’s no turning back.

There are many items that will help your temporary kitchen be a success. For indoor cooking, consider a microwave or hot plate. Or, if the weather is nice during your remodel, consider outdoor grilling. A small refrigerator is another smart choice for easy storage or perishables and leftovers. Alternatively, you can budget for dining out more often during your remodel. Other good items include paper plates, cups and eating utensils to cut down on clean up time.

3. Gathering Your Demolishing Tools

Finally, you’ve established your timeline. Everything is prepped to your remodel. In other words, that means it is hammer time, right? Wait one more moment. Do you have the proper tools for demolishing your kitchen? Gathering your supplies in advance will save you from repeated visits to the hardware store.

Essential tools for a DIY project include:

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Tip for Maintaining Long-Lasting Kitchen Cabinets


Your kitchen remodeling team has completed your installation on schedule and the results are stunning. You already knew cabinet refacing to be an affordable and time-efficient option. But, now that you can see the results in person. Wow! Your kitchen is beautifully transformed beyond expectations. So, how do you keep those stunning cabinets looking showroom new? 

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Bring Your Home Office Back to Life with A Remodel

Wall Message Center

Message centers are great for keeping your office clean and clearing your mind of to-do lists. This comes with a concealed magnetic whiteboard to keep those lists and reminders out of sight.

Base Cabinet with Pull-out Table

A one door and drawer option that comes with a pull-out table that can handle up to 200 lbs. evenly distributed. Use this as extra workspace to increase the surface area of your desktop when you’re in a pinch.

Wall Cabinet with Pull Down Shelf

Use this cabinet to incorporate more universal design and accessibility into your home. Gently pulling on the shelf’s handle guides the accessory down and out of the cabinet.

Freestanding Island or Mobile Cart

Move your sit-stand desktop over to this island or mobile cart to reduce the visual clutter on your main workspace. You will have the ability to move this piece about the room whenever you feel like it.

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