Bees Wrap has new goodies!!!

Huzzah! we pleased to share a number of great items. There are a few items in Bees Wrap worth featuring today, so let us get started ASAP!

1st on the list we have is

XXL Roll 😂
Your kitchen essential is now available in the largest format yet—a roll! Grab your scissors and trim the size you will need. Make your very own sizes for sandwiches, breads, fresh fruit, snacks, and anything in between. These rolls are really a perfect tool for almost any kitchen.

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We are changing the world of food storage > XXL Roll

The 2nd item on the list for today is Vegan Herb Garden.

Reusable, plant-based, built in Vermont. We substituted beeswax for candelilla wax, a plant native to the Southwest & Mexico with similar properties to beeswax. Our various set features tiny, medium, and large eco-friendly wraps being needed for packaging school lunches, storing meals, and wrapping leftovers. The most effective part? Zero synthetic waste.

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We are changing the world of food storage > Vegan Herb Garden