Isabelle, Bridgeport Crafts

Hi! My name’s Isabelle and I own Fresh Prep Kitchen. My site is dedicated to bringing you all things cooking related for your home kitchen.

I hope you find something on my site for your own kitchen and get inspired to meal prep and create fresh healthy meals for you and your family at home.

My quest for health and fitness started back in 2005. I was just out of high school and could see myself starting to develop some bad habits with drinking and eating my feelings instead of dealing with my problems. I felt depressed and anxious, the classic symptoms of someone with a poor diet and a lack of exercise. I was lazy, not managing my money well, and just overall not happy with who I was.

One day, I was finally sick and tired of being sick and tired so I made my first step towards better health. I started keeping a food journal of what I was eating and holding myself accountable to how many calories I was eating everyday. I treated calories like a bank account. Of course, I could choose to eat a hamburger and fries and a coke which wouldn’t be healthy, but it was in my 1,500 daily calorie limit. Those days were rare, but they did happen. Most days, I was eating right – eggs, peanut butter, protein waffles, steak, chicken, prawns, and lots of veggies like peppers, broccoli and asparagus etc.

When I started eating simple, whole foods, not only did I start having more energy, but the weight fell off effortlessly! I would track my weight everyday, and when you’re eating healthy, it’s actually really easy to stay within your daily calorie needs because you feel full. You’re actually feeding your body the fuel it needs.

Once I got my diet on track, I started going to the gym and lifting weights and felt unstoppable. Not only was I skinny – but I was strong! Before, I’d be tired out with very little exercise, and now I feel like I can go all day, whether it be hiking, rollerblading, or running.

I am so in love with my healthy lifestyle, I started helping other people get on track and helping them with their meal prep as well. It brings me a lot of joy to prep meals for my coworkers and see how happy they are when I bring a huge box of them to work with me. They even pay me for my efforts and it has become my side hustle obsession. Soon I plan to start my own meal prep website where people can order online. I’m learning there’s a lot to building a website though and all the ins and outs that come with an e-commerce store. In the meantime, I’m learning lots about owning a website, with this site – my first one!

I hope you enjoy, and get inspired to live your best life with healthy food and exercise!

Take care,